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Contact Us 24/7 (most anytime)

Contact us by phone, text or email! We would love to speak with you in person, so please give us a call (or text) anytime at 604-739-9002. You can also call us Toll Free within North America at 1-866-739-9002. If we are busy attending to guests, or if it is after hours, our answering service Calling-Inn will be able to answer your questions, take a booking, or send us an email.

By Phone:
  • 1-604-739-9002 Cell (call or text)
  • 1-866-739-9002 Toll Free North America
  • 00-1-604-739-9002 International
By Text or Cell:
  • 1-604-739-9002
By Fax:
  • 604-733-2963 (604-73FAX-ME)
By Email: